Kayaking on Maui

Kayaking is one of the most exciting ways to explore Maui’s beautiful waters; from rugged lava coastlines to golden beaches there’s a lot to discover. You can paddle, dive, snorkel and simply enjoy the serenity of being on your own kayak. You’ll move quietly through the water with great opportunities to see coral reef systems, interesting sea life and snorkel secluded coves otherwise inaccessible. You’re sure to enjoy the experience of kayaking and participating in your experience by paddling to that special destination.

A truly environmentally friendly way to explore; your guides will show you areas and ocean creatures you may have not seen before. Make the most of your time by joining a guided tour offering the know-how and experience of a professional outfitter and guides who have paddled these waters for years. They can help you enjoy the trip through education, proper instruction and ensuring a safe and memorable adventure.

South Pacific Kayaks & Outfitters (875-4848) is Maui’s original kayak store and only full service kayak shop. Serving the visitor industry for many years, these folks know these waters well. A safe and reliable operator, they offer great equipment and some of the islands best guides; all lead guides are coral reef and whale watch naturalists. South Pacific Kayaks & Outfitters has a wide variety of great trips available to all abilities and ages. join them for a wonderful experience, it’s an incredible way to enjoy the waters of Maui without the crowds.

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