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Vancouver, Sea to Sky Trail (part 1)

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Yoho National Park
Yoho_hoodoo7panPoints of Interest

jasper_sunwaptafalls1Wapta Falls

In 1858, near Wapta Falls, a pack
horse kicked explorer James Hector in t
he chest, and the Kicking Horse River got its name.
Wapta Falls, running the full width of the river, drops 30m. A short drive takes you to
the start of an easy 2.3 km trail to the falls.


It’s worth the steep hike to see
these capped pillars of glacial debris. The 3.2 km trail starts in Hoodoo Creek

Ottertail Viewpoint

Here the Kicking Horse River winds
over the flat floor of its valley. During high water, the river deposits sand and silt
over flooded areas, raising the level of the meadows and filling old, abandoned channels.
The lake in one of the old channels is known as an oxbow lake.

jasper_sunwaptafalls3erodeNatural Bridge

The Kicking Horse River has carved
a natural bridge through solid rock, 1.6 km from the Trans-Canada Highway.

jasper_pyramidlakemt1Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is a popular
destination. Canoeing, hiking and horseback riding are available here.

jasper_banffmts4panYoho Valley Road

Travel 13 km on this narrow, steep
road beside the Yoho River to see Takakkaw Falls. Leave trailers at the parking lot across
from the Kicking Horse Overflow camping area! Facilities on the Yoho Valley Road include
Kicking Horse Campground, seasonal accommodation, and viewpoints. The Yoho Valley Road is
snowbound from mid-October until mid-June. It is used by cross country skiers in the

Upper Spiral Tunnel Viewpoint

Watch trains enter, or exit a
portal of the Upper Spiral Tunnel on Cathedral Mountain.


Meeting of the Waters

The clear blue Kicking Horse River
and silt laden Yoho River meet here.

jasper_stanleyfalls2Takakkaw Falls

With a free fall of 254m, Takakkaw
Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Canada.

Lower Spiral Tunnel Viewpoint

A display explains the history and
operation of the Spiral Tunnels. Visitors have a spectacular view of the Yoho Valley from
the platform.

Old Bridge on the Big Hill

This stone bridge was part of the
original Canadian Pacific Railway line through Kicking Horse Pass. The Big Hill had the
most severe grade of any railway in North America, dropping 400 m from the Great Divide to
the valley bottom, 10 km away.

Great Divide

See a small stream split into two
branches: one flowing east to Hudson Bay, and the other west to the Pacific Ocean.


Sea to Sky Trail 1
Squamish to Whistler section




Ride Statistics:
Physically: Moderate
Technically: Moderate
Best Time: During Summer
Trail Description: Distance:58 km (36 miles)
Elevation:675 meters (2,215 feet)Overall
Ride Time: One day

Ride Description

Presently this section of the trail encompasses the Cheakamus Challenge mountain bike race course – a gruelling 58 km mountain bike race that starts at the Sun Wolf Resort in Brachendale and finishes in Whistler, with a 7 km side loop at the salt sheds just off of highway 99.

Directions To Trailhead

The trail starts at the Sun Wolf Resort located in Brackendale, about 60 km North of West Vancouver. If you are spending the night, there is a campground at nearby Alice Lake Park.


Sea to Sky Trail 2
Owl Creek to D ‘Arcy section



BCSEA2SKYMBMAP1Ride Statistics:
Physically: Easy- moderate
Technically: Easy- moderate
Trail Description: Trail and Forest Roads
Best Time: Summer (early fall)
Distance: 40 km (25 miles)
Ride Time:1/2 day
Elevation: no real gain, or loss

Trail Description:

In the fall of 1994, the Sea to Sky trail crew began building in this area to prepare for the opening of over 40 km of low-level use roads and trails slated to open in the summer of 1995. Over 23 km of fresh trail was brushed and cleared between Gramsons and D’Arcy through Birdenhead Lake Provincial Park.

Directions To Trailhead:

Follow Hwy 99 past Whistler to Gramsons. The ride starts on 4×4 road logging road. Parking is available at the trailhead.

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