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ResPass3restvuResurrectAkLocated in the Chugach National Forest, this 39-mile trail was carved by prospectors in the late 1800s and today is the
most popular hiking route on the Kenai Peninsula. The trip can be done in three days by a keen hiker but most people prefer to do it in five to seven days to make the most of the immense beauty of the region and the excellent fishing in Trout, Juneau and Swan lakes.

ResPass1lakeThere is a series of eight US Forest Service (USFS) cabins along the route for $25 per night. They have to be reserved
in advance at the USFS office in Anchorage and, being quite popular, are fully booked for most of the summer which makes last-minute reservations almost impossible. Most hikers take a tent and a camp stove, as fallen wood can sometimes be scarce during the busy summer.


ResPass5fireweedThe northern trailhead is 20 miles from the Seward Hwy. and four miles south of Hope on Resurrection Creek Rd. Pass a historical mining community founded in 1896 by gold seekers, is a charming, out-of-the-way place to visit, but Hope Hwy. is not an easy road to hitchhike. It does receive a fair amount of traffic in the summer but still patience is the key as eventually someone will give you a lift.

ResPass4riverXFrom Hope Hwy. you turn south at the posted Resurrection Pass Trail signs onto Resurrection Creek Rd, passing the fork to Palmer Creek Rd. The southern trailhead is on the Sterling Hwy., near Cooper Landing or 53 miles east of Soldotna and 106 miles south of Anchorage. Hitchhiking is easy on Sterling and Seward highways in either direction, or you can hop on a Seward & Homer Bus out of Anchorage (see the Bus section in the Getting Around chapter). A quarter of a mile east of the southern trailhead along the Sterling Hwy. is the Russian River USFS Campground (84 camp sites, $6 per night for tents) and the trailhead for the Russian Lakes Trail.

An alternative route that avoids traveling to the remote northern trailhead is the Devils Pass Trail, which is posted at
Mile 39 of the Seward Hwy., 88 miles south of Anchorage. ResPass3restvuThe 10-mile path leaves the highway and climbs to Devils Pass at 2400 feet, where it joins the Resurrection Pass Trail. By using the Devils Pass Trail and the lower portion of Resurrection Pass Trail, you can hike from the Seward Hwy to the Sterling Hwy in two days.

close-ups of Resurrection Creek Crossing and the Burn Area just before the crossing.

General Trail Info:

ResPass2flowersFor more information on the trail or reserving cabins along it, contact the USFS office for the Anchorage District: Chugach
National Forest (‘& (907) 271-2500), 201 East 9th St., Suite 206, Anchorage, AK 99501.
Trail sections and distances (starting from the north) follow:


Trail Section Aproximate Distance
Resurrection Creek Rd to Caribou Creek Cabin 6.9 miles
Caribou Creek to Fox Creek Camp site 4.7 miles
Fox creek to East Creek Cabin 2.8 miles
East Creek to Resurrection Pass 4.9 miles
Resurrection Pass to Devils Pass Cabin 2.1 miles
Devils Pass to Swan Lake Cabin 4.4 miles
Swan Lake to Juneau Lake Cabin 3.3 miles
Juneau Lake to Trout Lake Cabin 2.7 miles
Trout Lake to Juneau Creek Falls 2.3 miles
Juneau Creek Falls to Sterling Hwy 4.4 miles



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