Diving and Snorkeling Sites


1 Poipu Beach Park: Shallow protected bay.  Excellent snorkeling for beginning through advanced.  Best on the left side of bay, 3 to 12 feet.  Lifeguard, showers and bathroom facilities.  Great for families

2. Koloa Landing: Horseshoe bay, excellent for scuba diving and advanced snorkeling.  Site used for introduction and certification scuba lessons.  Best shore diving location on South side.  Easy navigation on either side of bay, avoid the sandy middle.  Lots of turtles, eels and large schools of fish, 5 to 45 feet.

3.    Prince Kuhio Park: Shallow, beginning through advanced snorkeling.  A little shallow for scuba.  Rocky entry, but very protected bay.  Turtles are the highlight. 3 to 21 feet.  Directly across from the Prince Kuhio Park.

4.    Lawai Beach: Excellent snorkeling, lots of small reef fish, good coral formations, occasional monk seals and turtles. 3 to 12 feet.  Bathrooms, showers and telephone.

5.    Brennecke’s Ledge: 65 to 84 feet.  Large shelf with black coral and sharks.  Great drift dive.  Intermediate to advanced.

6.    Nukumoi Point: 30 to 60 feet, also knows as Tortugas (turtles), home of many Hawaiian green sea turtles.  Good shallow dive for beginning through advanced.

7. Ice Box: 65 to 85 feet, three fingered reef with occasional white tip reef sharks, lobsters and large schools of sea life.

8.    Sheraton Caverns: Signature dive for Kauai. 20 to 65 feet.  Can be used for snorkeling as well as beginning through advanced scuba diving.  Blown out lava tube formation with overhangs and archways, Home to the Hawaiian green sea turtles.  Occasional octopus, shark and manta ray sightings.  A must dive!

9.    General Store: 60 to 90 feet.  You’ll find a little bit of everything, remains of 1800’s wreck, trees of black coral, intriguing rock formations teeming with marine life.  Sea turtles, sharks and manta are also occasional visitors.


10. Lydate Park: 3 to 1 0 feet.  Very protected.  Good for beginning snorkeling and bad weather days.  Best to snorkel next to children’s playground.  Located next to the Wailua River

11. Ahukini Landing: 1 0 to 60 feet.  Alternative snorkeling and scuba diving spot in south swell conditions.  Best location is outside of the jetty.  Old ammunition dump, lots of turtles, but not very colorful reef formations.  Beginning through advanced levels.


12.     Anini Beach: 3 to 10 feet.  A very shallow snorkeling site that is good except in high surf conditions.  The barrier reef extends about 150 yards.  Inside the reef remains consistently shallow so there is not much coral growth, but plenty of juvenile fish seeking protection.  First of the north side snorkeling sites, right after the bridge on Kalihiwai Road, left on Wainini to Anini beach park.

13.     Tunnels: 5 to 60 feet.  Very shallow initially but drops off to 60 feet.  It is over the drop that you will find the entrances to the tunnels.  They should be entered only on scuba and with proper training or supervision.  Great summer location for snorkeling and scuba diving.  Lots of boating traffic.  Located 9/1 Oth of a mile past the 8 mile marker.

14. Ke’e Beach: 3 to 8 feet.  Located at the end of the road.  Strictly a flat water condition snorkeling spot.  Stay inside the reef.  Conditions can be very dangerous past the reef.  Follow the highway until it ends.  This is the beginning to the Na Pali Coast and trail.


15.     Salt Pond Beach Park: 3 to 8 feet.  Snorkeling to left side of beach.  A very shallow snorkeling site so there is not much coral growth.  Great tide pool walking.  Bathrooms and showers.

16.     Mana Crack: 60 to 120 feet.  Located at the beginning of the Na Pali coastline.  A natural crack or ledge that extends over a mile.  Sharks and larger fish seem to occupy the reef.  Intermediate to advanced divers.

17.     Ni’ihau: 30 to 100+ feet.  Best diving in the Hawaiian Islands.  Advanced divers only, 3 tanks, all day dives.  Breakfast & lunch provided.  Advanced reservation is a must, Sharks, mantas, coral formations, and an all day adventure.  VERY SPECIAL!

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