Freedom Park

The “C” Loop – Advanced Free-ride X-country

Watch you trail markingsIMG_1234

The “A” Loop – Easy X-country

5537 Centerville Rd
Williamsburg, Virginia 23188


Freedom Park boasts over 20 miles of singletrack trail including a beginner level Bunny Loop trail, a freeride trail, and several miles of multi-use trails.  Each trail has a different feel and its own set of unique features.  All bike trails are uni-directional singletrack trails, so please pay attention to the signs.  Helmets are (always) required. Don’t be dumb, this course has it all!

Freedom Park is open daily from 7:00 AM to sunset.  Trails may sometimes be closed to bikes due to rain or dangerous conditions.  Call the park office for trail conditions and status.  Park Facilities currently include a park office, meeting room, museum exhibits, fireplace, restrooms, bike wash, botanical garden, the Go Ape treetop adventure, and plenty of parking.  Bring the family and make a day of it!

Check trail maps at the park for locations of all trails.  Maps are available at the park office and the black mailboxes near the parking lot and trail signs.  Trails are sometimes re-routed and may have changed since you last rode them!  Carry a map and cell phone with you, plan your route, and pay attention to all signs, especially the emergency access points: orange posts with white numbers on red stars.  Always know where you are on the trail!  You may need to refer to the trail name and last emergency access point or trail feature that you passed.

Report downed trees, trail damage, needed repairs, and any dangerous conditions to the park office or to More complete info check these guys out on or off the trail…

A few trailside pix:

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IMG_7279s IMG_7246s IMG_7262s IMG_7251s



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