Equipment Essentials II

A longer term adventure essentials list for your use…


Insect repellent



Water purification tablets (such as iodine tablets)

Prescription medicines and copies of prescriptions (including for eyeglasses)


Malaria pills, such as Mefloquine, taken once a week, one week prior to trip, during the trip and then for four weeks after returning, Vitamin supplements

Antibiotics for traveler’s diarrhea, such as Immodium AD and , Cypro (not to be taken preventatively), Pepto-Bismol (preventative), and rehydration solutions to replace lost fluids and salts Motion sickness medicine, such as Dramamine

Empty film containers to store pills


Quick drying clothes (like those made of CoolMax) will make it much easier if you are caught in a rain storm or in a hot, sweaty climate.  Find the most durable and comfortable clothing.

Warm-weather gear: Shorts and Tshirts for active wear and lounging

Cold-weather wear: Sweater or fleece jacket, long pants (preferably chinotype.  Avoid jeans because of their bulk and lengthy drying time)

Rain gear: waterproof pants and jacket Hiking boots or trail running shoes One pair of lightweight shoes or waterproof sandals

Long underwear or tights

Socks, both thin and thick

3-5 pairs of underwear


Bathing suit


Women should bring a long skirt or dress-several countries either require such clothing (such as to enter Italian churches) or recommend it for cultural respect and safety (as in Muslim countries)

Camping Equipment:

Lightweight tent

Compact sleeping bag

Camp stove and fuel

Water purifier

Eating and cooking utensils Lighter or waterproof matches Flashlight

Pocket knife with scissors

Extra backpack straps or bungee cords

Sewing kit with heavy thread

Nylon rope

Water bottle


Passport and copies of the inside (kept in a separate place)

Extra passport photos (often needed for visas)

Copies of birth certificate and identification papers

List of important phone numbers

Airline, bus, train or boat tickets

Copies of prescriptions

Money belt

Personal Items:



One or two reading books

Small journal and pens

Pack towel or sarong (regular towels are bulky and take too long to dry) Camera and film

Converter and plug adapter

Travel alarm or watch with alarm


Deck of Cards

Address Book

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